If you are a dog trainer or own a dog training business you must be on Google. Think about it..

How do you think someone that has a dog or puppy training problem finds someone to help them? They Google it!!

So to get in front of those searches you need to set up Google Adwords and start an SEO campaign where you create a search engine friendly website that shows what you offer like dog training and where you do it.. (local, national ect…)

For example if you offer dog training in Denver, CO like Better Manners Dog Training you want to have your website Site title, H1 tag, content and website to say that as they do. On top of that you want your website to load quickly and have click to call so when people click on your website on a mobile phone it’s easy to contact you.

Also, to get instant traffic you can bid on keywords like dog trainer Denver ect.. and have your ads run in front of people searching for exactly what you offer when they need it. This is why Google Adwords is so popular and useful for local small businesses like dog trainers.

If you need help with dog training marketing, seo, or Google adwords call Lifted Websites they can help you.

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