As a small or medium sized business sometimes it’s hard to know when to outsource or keep a service in house as you are growing. Recently a small business in San Diego about any companies we can refer for IT services or IT support in San Diego and they “didn’t know if it’s worth it”..

This led us to go through some things and share some advice with them that included the following questions first..

  • Do you know how to what you need in an expert fashion?
  • Will what you need take too much time, money, internal resources compared to outsourcing?
  • Is it your specialty?
  • Do you or someone in the small business know how to do what you need?
  • Are you planning on continuing to grow your company?

All of their answers led us to share with them a trusted fully managed Phoenix IT services company, USPCNET that specializes in this kind of thing with locations in Denver, Las Vegas and San Diego.

In this case the small business in San Diego was thinking about growing in different markets like Las Vegas and Phoenix next and understood the value in outsourcing to experts which in the end is going to save them money, time, headaches, and allow them to focus on what they love and their strengths.

This is a great example for any small business to use and think about when they are considering IT services, Accounting service, office space ect…

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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