How PPC Ads on Google Can Grow Your Business

google ads ppc managementGoogle is still the #1 visited site in the United States even after the growth and popularity of social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Not only is Google taking the #1 spot they also have the 2nd biggest search engine with YouTube where you can search anything and visually be entertained or learn how to do something.

That being said, the best way to grow a business is first GET Attention.. In the sales 101 game you will learn people buy from people they know, like, and trust. And yeah, the first thing that has to happen is someone has to know you.

Unlike Facebook ads which are winning because of the mobile app game, Google Ads or their Adwords program allows any business to bid on keywords that show intent and relevancy to what they are or offer.

For example, if you are a dentist that does dental implants  and want new patients and let’s say you were in the local area of Peoria, AZ. If someone searched “dentist Chandler AZ” being on the First page of Google will give you a chance to get a new patient to “know” you and go to your website to increase the chance of the sale.

Another example for a national search vs. local like the one above would be if you were a top audio engineering school and when people look that up or even a keyword like “audio engineer salary” which could lead to people thinking about getting into that industry you would want your music production school to be on the first page for again a chance at that person’s attention that is searching these type of keywords that could help you get more students to sign up to your music production programs.

To get on the first page of Google you either have to have an SEO strategy that’s starts with a killer foundation of a user/mobile friendly website with great page and content structure to actively getting people to visit, share, and link to your site. Or you can use a company that knows PPC Management (pay per click management) that knows the ins and outs of Google’s Adwords program that allows you to instantly get air time on the first page of Google based on your budget and keyword targets.

With PPC ads Google allows you to get on their first page pretty much instantly. Usually it takes a good PPC campaign Manager or a PPC agency 2-3 days tops to set up a campaign correctly if not 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the campaign, adgroups, landing pages, keywords, ad extensions ect..

Once it is set up then you go live immediately with first page ads on the top or right hand side of the Google’s search result page as someone types in the keywords you wanted to target. From there as the data, clicks, and calls come in and are tracked then PPC management company will optimize your campaign. Within 2-4 months you should hit a sweet spot to tell if the ROI is there. And the beauty of PPC is it’s real time data you can use to build out content for your blog or help with your SEO strategy. SEO on the other hand is always a moving target because NO ONE know when Google will change their algorithm again and they do so over 500 times a year. So while an SEO plan might take 6, 12, or even 24 months depending on the site and competition PPC / Google Adwords can start growing your business immediately. And a local Scottsdale Barber Shop, Blurred Lines using Instagram social media to grow their business

Also, many people will say will SEO is FREE, vs. paying per click. But unless you know SEO, keep up with the algo changes, and have the time to do it yourself it’s still not free because of the opportunity cost to learn and maintain it or having to pay an SEO agency which again will only work on it as you pay them.

This is why we are a big believer in PPC ads for any business to test and see if they can grow their business sufficiently by getting their company attention on the #1 site in the US Google where people are actually using their site to search for a product, service, or information relevant to your business. This is so much better then shoving ads in someones face in a push marketing type of way like Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much every other ad product does.

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