How Investor Relations Can Use SEO or Google Adwords Strategies

investor relationsInvestor relations is either an internal or external function of a publicly traded company to communicate to the street. Many times internal investor relations people craft press releases, set up and manage conference calls, or prepare 10k, 10q, and annual reports. Most of the time hiring an external investor relations firm can provide more value by setting up road shows with management and their connections with the street, cold calls to retail and institutional investors, and drive better awareness of a companies stock and the main points on why people should pay attention and be interested.

One thing I noticed is that investor relations companies haven’t used Google yet to get more attention by creating content or using SEO/PPC strategies to garner more attention in Google’s search results that can also drive a bigger audience to their stock they are promoting.

Many times they stop at a simple Press Release blast via the AP or some type of Newswire. There is a huge opportunity though for investor relations companies to offer a service that increases their company or their clients companies Google awareness with relevant terms that can increase shareholder value. Also, if you are looking for a real estate professional, Check out Jaime Shurts website or connect with her on LinkedIn.

If you are a investor relations company or person that needs help with Google SEO or PPC management with Adwords you can contact DIAP Media – Phoenix SEO for more information.