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How to Get More CoolSculpting Patients?

If you are a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery services place you probably offer CoolSculpting and want to get more patients for that service. For example, if you offer CoolSculpting in Phoenix, AZ you want to be in front of shoppers searching things like

coolsculpting phoenix“, coolsculpting Scottsdale AZ, ect.. the key is to show up for CoolSculpting + city you are in..

One way you can get on the first page of Google is optimize your website for those keywords with great content and hire an SEO Agency to help you.

Secondly, you can run Google Ads and again hire a certified Google Ads Partner like Lifted Websites so they can set up a campaign for you with correct keywords, landing page, and ad groups.

Lastly, there is a microsites strategy that Lifted Websites or DIAP Media can help you with as well.

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